Why Choose Raider

Raider Express has several dedicate fleets that we currently operate, and can customize a dedicated fleet at any time to suit our customers’ needs.  Everything from TX regional dedicated fleets, to long haul Partnerships.

Local Spotting Services
Raider Express has several local spotting accounts.  We have a fleet of spotting “yard mule” trucks to service warehouses and cold storage facilities.  These trucks have the capability of operating and staffing 24/7.

We have the latest technological advances to help you monitor not only the location of you freight, but the temperature of your product as well. Our trailers are equipped with Blue Tree monitoring units, so we have not only visibility but control of our units 24/7.

All of our equipment is 2015 or newer. More than 60% of the fleet has been updated to 2017 equipment so we can continue to have minimal downtime and achieve greater fuel efficiency.

We have more than 600 new utility refrigerated trailers being delivered over 36 months, to insure the safe transport of your product.

We are a SmartWay carrier.

We have one of the most fuel efficient fleets in the nation, supporting your sustainability initiatives.