Success with Raider Express!

These Driver’s have Success with Raider Express! As a family owned and operated company, we do everything we can to make sure Raider Express feels like home to our drivers. We truly care about gathering input from our drivers, and want their voices to be heard. We take into consideration everything we hear from our drivers, and continually strive to make Raider Express the best it can be! Check out what some of our drivers have to say about working with Raider Express:

“So far I have enjoyed every aspect of working for Raider and look forward to the many years ahead.”

“I have a great time with this company, and I hope to build on my experience even more here.”

“Raider has given me the opportunity to earn a decent living. They’ve delivered on every promise they made the first day I arrived at training. Raider is an honest, solid company, and I look forward to continuing to work for you.”

“Raider really offered me the opportunity to change my entire life. I am grateful, and excited to still be a part of the Raider Family!”


Thank you again to all of our drivers who make Raider Express the successful company that it is today! We appreciate all the hard work you do. Keep up the good work!