Raider Express is one of HDT’s TOP 50 Green Fleets 2015

“HDT’s 2015 Top Green Fleets leave no stone unturned in their quest for better fuel economy, lower emissions, and less impact on the environment.

Lower diesel and gasoline prices may have damped down some of the excitement about natural gas and other alternative fuels, but for many of those on our third annual list, it’s still an important part of their sustainability strategy.

And alternative fuels are hardly the only “green” tactic out there. Fuel economy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions are the primary strategy for many of our honorees, with many reporting 8, 9, even 10 mpg rigs or close to it. Interestingly, some of the fuel-saving tactics that may have landed a fleet on our first Top 50 list aren’t quite as innovative today, as things like trailer skirts, 6×2 axle configurations and automated transmissions have become more common.

In addition, facilities improvements, such as adding solar panels, electric charging for refrigeration units, energy-efficient lighting, etc., were also considered.

We paid more attention this year to what fleets have done in the past year. And we looked harder this year at what fleets are doing to inspire and educate others about how to improve their own sustainability efforts.”

Raider Express

Fort Worth, Texas

This 200-truck for-hire carrier governs its entire fleet at 60 mph and encourages drivers to drive at or below 55 mph. The newest aerodynamic upgrades include TrailerTails with tracking software to ensure they are being used, full trailer skirts, and Flow Below AeroKits. The majority of the fleet and all future orders have automated transmissions programmed with high fuel economy performance parameters. The majority of the fleet and all future orders are now in a 6×2 configuration with the rear drive axle being the drag axle. It also is testing trucks with smaller 11-liter engines, trucks with a 6×2 lift axle configuration, and trucks with dual fuel CNG conversions. An aggressive preventive maintenance program specifically targets the areas in the truck that effect fuel efficiency the most.