Raider Delivers Supplies to OKC & Norman, OK for Tornado Victims

Raider Express trucks deliver donations from DFW area NBCDFW News Story.

To all involved I wanted to share with you the results of our trip(s) to Moore. With the help of the loyal followers of the Newberg report, 3 Keller elementary schools (Bette Perot, Lone Star and Independence) and 3 local food companies (John Morrell Foods, ConAgra Foods and Hillshire brands) we were able to fill 2 trailers with product for the families in Moore. One trailer was refrigerated food product that delivered to the Food Bank in OKC to be redistributed after that. The second trailer went to a church in Norman to be given directly to the victims at ground zero. Both of my drivers relayed back how GRATEFUL the families/recipients were and how horribly devastated the area actually is (in person, it is way worse than what TV shows). I would also like to share an email with everyone as well. This from a teacher at Lone Star Elementary:

Mrs. Morris (and all other school personal who participated),

I just wanted to say how much this means to myself and my family. I drove home Saturday to pick up my niece and bring her here to stay with us for the summer since she no longer has a home. It will give her mother time to figure things out since she’s currently staying in a hotel room. Everyone back home truly appreciates all the relief efforts that are being done by everyone and they told me to pass that thanks along to all of you who participated in this collection. Tell your husband how much we appreciate getting this started.

Again…thank you from my sister Cassie who lost most everything, only to have looters take what she could salvage. My cousin Kristy who also lost her home and whom it took almost 24 hrs to locate her son as he was one of the missing students in the school collapse at Tower Plaza. My lifelong friend and partner in crime Penny, who unfortunately lost most of her horses…they all deeply appreciate your efforts.

Thanks Again
Mrs. Cindi Soares