MPG Contest Winners

Congratulations to our top 10 Winners for the MPG Contest that was held from March 20th – April 5th! The entire Raider Fleet was ranked in categories of Speed, Cruise Control, and Idle. All of our Drivers have been ranked and our Top 10 Winners have been selected! Congratulations to all of the winners, and everyone who worked hard to increase their MPG and Fuel Economy. Thanks for making Raider Express one of the leading Truck Driving Companies in the industry in regards to Fuel Economy!

Place Ranked:
1st Place Andrew St Clair $400
2nd Place Yaakov Rhodes $200
3rd Place Darius Scott $100
4th Place James Hyatt $50
5th Place Heriberto Trujillo $50
6th Place Joseph Bowen $50
7th Place Michael Batts $50
8th Place Jonothan McKinney $50
9th Place James Pool $50
10th Place Michael Grable $50

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