Healthy Trucking Tips!

We all know that it’s hard to stay healthy while being an Over the Road Truck Driver. The nature of the job is challenging in and of itself, so here are some Healthy Trucking Tips to keep you going strong:

1. Exercise – Being an Over the Road Driver has it’s challenges in staying healthy, in that Drivers don’t have the luxury to go to a gym whenever they want too. But there are A TON of ways for Drivers to stay active. All it takes is 15 minutes a day!

Pro Tip: When stopped at Truck Stops, run/walk a lap around the parking lot to get your blood pumping, do a set of 15 squats, then run/walk another lap. Don’t forget to stretch before and after!

2. Drink More Water – Drinking enough water helps maintain the balance of body fluids. Did you know our bodies are made up of about 60% water? The more water you drink, the more energized you’ll feel. Drinking enough water prevents your muscles from feeling fatigued after long days of driving.

Pro Tip: Always carry a bottle of water with you! Make sure you have extra bottles stored in your Truck, whether it be reusable bottles, or bottled water.

3. Include Vitamins Into Your Diet – It’s hard to have complete nutritious meals constantly. Make sure you have access to vitamins to fill those nutrient gaps in your daily routine.

Pro Tip: Omega 3 Vitamins, such as Fish Oil, are a great source of increasing brain productivity and maintaining a healthy heart. They’re also inexpensive and can be found in any grocery store!

4. Always Eat Breakfast – You’ve heard it before, and you’ll probably continue to hear it forever! Breakfast is the absolute most important meal of the day. Skipping Breakfast is shown to have negative impacts on your body. By eating Breakfast, you’ll feel more energetic and focused for the rest of your work day! 

Pro Tip: Try having a Protein Packed Breakfast, that’s simple to make and delicious to eat! Breakfast foods should be made up of protein, complex carbs, calcium, and healthy fats. Nothing too high in sugar!

5. Refresh Your Mind – It’s easy to become distracted Over the Road. Did you know dwelling on a matter too long can distort your thinking? It’s good to keep your mind active in changing up your day to day routine.

Pro Tip: Instead of listening to the same music over and over again try something new! Listen to language tapes, or perhaps even an audio book. Use the opportunity to learn about subjects that fascinate you!

6. Get Enough Sleep –  Sleep is essential to being in good health. Though the exact amount of sleep a Driver needs is different for everyone. But receiving a good quality sleep is crucial! Talk to other Drivers, and get some advice on how they get a good night’s rest.

Pro Tip: Your truck becomes your home while you’re over the road. Invest in good quality pillows and blankets. Your health is worth it!